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Intuitive Interface

Pre-installed workflows and pipelines in our intuitive point-and-click interface make sophisticated NGS and array analysis attainable for any scientist.

Powerful Statistics

Custom and public statistical algorithms work in concert to easily and precisely distill NGS and microarray data into biological insights.

Interactive Visualizations

Genome browser, Venn diagrams, heat maps, and other interactive visualizations reveal the biology of your next generation sequencing and array data in brilliant color.

Access to Experts

Our PhD scientists are always just a phone call away and ready to help with your NGS and microarray analysis anytime you have questions.

Our Solutions

Partek Flow icon

Partek Flow

Designed specifically for the compute intensive needs of next generation sequencing applications with flexible installation and user management options.

Partek Genomics Suite icon

Partek Genomics Suite

Fast and lightweight desktop solution for genomic data analysis and visualization. Analyze Microarray, NGS and qPCR data with ease.

Partek Pathway icon

Partek Pathway

Interactively browse the KEGG database, apply advanced statistical models for accurate results, and unravel the biology hidden in big data.

Discovery Services icon

Partek Discovery Services

Our experts can turn your data into discovery for you. We have the expertise, experience, and computing power to analyze studies quickly and efficiently.

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