Once you contact our car accident attorneys, the direct communication will be between the firm and you through one of our receptionists or intake specialists who will be refer you to our car accident attorneys. Through this process, one of the full-time intake specialists will ask initial questions about your accident and will learn more details about your case. This will be a time where you will be given the opportunity to tell the team what happened. This intake interview often lasts fro 15 to 60 minutes.

The Car Accident Attorneys

The process will include a next step that allows for an appointment so that you go through a sign-up personal injury interview. The personal injury attorneys are willing to assist you by being flexible with your schedule. For those for whom it is not convenient to meet at one of the attorneys’ offices, the team will gladly travel to your workplace, your home, the hospital or other medical office where your family member or where you are being treated, or at another designated convenient location. The attorneys employ full-time service investigators in the field, so it is likely that someone will be able to get with you or your family member within one or two days or the same day in most cases. In unique situations that involve serious time crunch and when time is of the essence, the attorneys or field service investigators can even be out to you within hours.

After completing a preliminary intake interview and the followup sign-up interview, the appropriate internal department will be in touch with you to guide you through the process. Hence, for a car accident injury case, you would be referred and come under the representation of a seasoned accident attorney dealing specifically in accident disputes arising from accidents. Following this time when your case arrives in the internal department, there will be an additional evaluation of your claim to make certain that your claim is meets the right specifications that the attorneys will feel comfortable taking your case to settlement stage or trial. The attorneys review in case from the perspective of what would happen if a jury heard the details and was exposed to the testimony and facts in your case. This means that they will hold the case to a high level of scrutiny such that you will not be dragged along on a wild ride that ultimately ends up in your case not being able to be handled by the attorney and you’re left scratching your head about what to do next. The department involved help you throughout the process and are guided and advised by the dedicated and powerful attorneys who are in charge of your case.